まだ送られてこないReadyNAS NV+ですが、正式ファームが出てきた。

Just released – RAIDiator 4.1.7(NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community)

NETGEAR is pleased to announce the release of RAIDiator 4.1.7, the latest firmware for the ReadyNAS Duo and NV+ network attached storage product lines.  This release is also designed to work with older Sparc-based ReadyNAS products, including ReadyNAS 600, X6, NV, 1000S, and 1100.



New features and enhancements

  1. Simplify SMTP setup for email alerts with presets for popular ISPs.
  2. Added Rsync exclude list.
  3. Added option to specify multiple ReadyDLNA media share paths with content filtering.
  4. Added user and group name auto-fill.
  5. Updated ReadyNAS Vault to v2 level.
  6. Localized string updates occur automatically as new updates are available.
  7. Lower fan RPM on disk spin-down for Duo and NV+.
  8. Added support for WD drives that don’t support TLER.
  9. Provide an easy way to try out ReadyNAS Vault. You’ll get a little popup that gives you a quick way to try Vault for free.  No strings attached – just drag files to the new vault share to backup to the Vault online datacenter.
  10. Speed up image scaling with ReadyDLNA.
  11. Updated to AFP 3.2.
  12. Added support for 4K sector drives. Keep in mind that 4K sector support will require that you factory default your ReadyNAS, so make sure to backup your data before checking this. The expected outcome is that your performance with 4K sector drives should be no worse than with 512-byte sector drives.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issue where invalid HTTP configuration could prevent Frontview from starting.
  2. Allow brackets in email addresses.
  3. Fixed issue that prevented home share access in Domain security mode.
  4. Fixed issue where user deletion popups appear constantly.
  5. Ensure FTP access to snapshot shares retain the same access restrictions as the base share.
  6. Fixed AD support for Windows 7 users.
  7. Corrected AFP share setting display behavior.
  8. Allow '$’ character in SMTP password.
  9. Fixed vertical expansion so that it can now survive a reboot without losing the data volume.
  10. Fixed some power timer issues.
  11. Properly remove the contents of a backup destination when the backup source is a rysnc server if the option is selected.
  12. Fixed various AFP issues including Time Machine support.
  13. Fixed compatibility with iTunes 10. (iTunes 10.0.1 also resolves this issue)
  14. Fixed more AFP issues. Better retry handling for spotty wireless connections.
  15. Corrected situation where disk write cache would not be re-enabled after UPS power event.
  16. Minor ReadyDLNA update to address Sony Blu-Ray player issue.


  1. IE 6 no longer supported.

注目は「4K sector support」ですかね。これで安心して2TB以上のWindows Vista & Windows 7に特化したフォーマットが施されているハードディスクも問題ないわけだ。


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